Schlage HandPunch 4000S

High-end, all-access control time-and-attendance system with a built-in barcode scanner that provides the additional versatility of a job-costing and job-tracking, along with user-friendly and cost-effective workforce management.


  • Identifies User Hand Punch Geometry, No Additional Clock-In Items Necessary
  • Accurate Verification in Any Environmental Conditions
  • 10 User-Friendly Data Management Options to Collect and Display Employee Punch-Ins
  • Programmable User-Definable Data Management Keys which Can Assist in Department Transfers, Tips Collected, Job Codes, Pay Codes Etc.
  • Allows Employees to Review Punches, Job Schedules, Accumulated Vacation Time, Hours Worked Etc.
  • Built-In Bar Code Reader for Badge Identification: Swipe Style Reader Support for Bar Code Formats and Infrared Badges
  • Edit-at-the-Clock Capability for Management to Override User Restrictions and Access Data.
  • Built-In Audit Trail to Document Functions to Ensure High Level of Security
  • Provided Handheld Barcode Scanner that Plugs Directly into Unit, Alleviating Extra Wires or Power Supply