Schlage HandPunch 3000E

Advanced hand geometry biometric technology with built-in ethernet connection, allows for quick integration in time and attendance to ensure heightened accuracy, profitability and efficiency.


  • Provided Standard Built-In Ethernet Connection
  • Identifies User Hand Punch Geometry, No Additional Clock-In Items Necessary
  • Accurate Verification in Any Environmental Conditions
  • Programmable User-Definable Data Management Keys which Can Assist in Department Transfers, Tips Collected, Job Codes, Pay Codes Etc.
  • Edit-at-the-Clock Capability to Monitor Missed Punches, Planned Vacations and Sick-Time
  • Password Protection to Provide Greater Supervisor Flexability and Security
  • Access Control Feature
  • Programmable Option to Open Doors and Entrance Ways
  • *Not all software applications support special features of HP3000 and HP4000 series of Hand Readers*