Why Time and Attendance Systems?

If you are not using timeclocks or an automated time and attendance tracking system, YOU SHOULD BE. Instead of wasting your accounting and bookkeeping time filling out dozens or thousands of records every week, we can help you automate this process and save a great deal of money. Automated time systems calculate employee hours automatically, at very low cost. Improve security and access to your plant or office, and insure that those who are supposed to be at work are truly there, and no one else.

What We Offer

All Types of Commercial Time & Attendance-Related Products, Systems for Big or Small Companies.

Time & Attendance: Time clocks, Time stamps, Employee-based attendance systems, Hand Recognition Clocks, Access control, Supplies, Time cards, Racks, Signal systems, Watchman clocks, Service Contracts for One or 1,000 clocks, Ribbons, Repairs, Trade-ins.

Payroll Merge Interfaces & Database Software Solutions: Win95, Windows NT, Windows 3.11, MS-DOS, Stand alone or networked, Convert employee hour fields directly to ADP Paychecks - Ceridian + 100 others. Customized interfaces for your payroll company.

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From 5 to 50,000 employees, manufacturing, seasonal workers, service industries, fleet based, nuclear industry, education, schools & colleges, medicine, research & hospitals, retail operations, part-time full time, seasonal, and special pay rates tracking.